Phy 420 - Capstone Project

Phy 420: Winter 2015

During the Winter 2015 Semester, 3 teams in Phy 420 students will be constructing and launching a high altitude weather balloon that will travel to 100,000 feet above the Earth's surface, sampling the atmosphere along the way. 1 team will be building a wind tunnel. This site will host information relevant to the course.

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Phy 420: Winter 2014

There were be 2 launches during the Winter 2014 semester.
Below are the names of the members of each team.

Team name Website Student
Enterprise Logistics Lauren Thelen
Matt Koehler
Ian Rhodes
David Juenemann
Team B Adam Bloom
Guy Hamburger
Jason Feys

Winter 2013- Teams

We had 3 launches during the Winter 2013 semester.

Below are the names of the members of each team.

Team name Website Student
Oneders Scott Eschelbach
Rommel Gabrito
Justin Hodges
Caliph Lebrun
Gassy Drew Havranek
Cassie Noffsinger
Austin Payne
Doug Spry
Ultraviolet Catastrophe Chad Brisbois
Patrick Baranowski
Andrew Samuels

Launch: Winter 2012

In April 2012 two teams from Phy 420 launched high altitude weather balloons. These balloons both traveled to approximately 95,000 feet altitude before bursting and returning safely to the ground. Throughout the duration of the flights, the balloons carried payloads that took measurements of the atmospheric temperature, pressure, humidity, and the 3D acceleration of the package itself.

In addition to taking measurements of the atmosphere, the balloons carried a HD Hero 960 video camera and a second camera that took still images. Click the image below to see a few pictures:

High Altitude Ballooning- April 2012

There is also a High Altitude Balloon Video

As part of the course, each team was required to post documentation about testing and progress on a website.

Phy 420 Overview


Below are the names of the team members of each team. The sub team refers to the instrument that will be presented at symposium, not a specific assigned instrument for the design/build/test phase of the project

Team Name Student Sub Team
A Brett Russell Temperature
A Kirk Schichl Temperature
A Chantelle Spence Pressure
A Mitch Knotts Pressure
A Sami Yanikoglu Pressure
B Hanayo Shelton Humidity
B Mark Price Humidity
B Mauricio Ayllon-Unzueta Accelerometer
B Nate Franklin Accelerometer
B Steven Schultz Accelerometer